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The Hidden Dangers of Dust Storms

Dust storms are a common occurrence in the western half of the United States, and they can form with little or no warning. Most do not develop to large-scale events that can swallow entire cities, but even the smallest ones can present a threat to health and safety. Let’s take a look at some of

See How to Stay Cool Without Electricity

With all the heat waves that have been occurring lately this post will give you some tips on how to stay cool when the power is shut down and there is no air conditioning. Hopefully you have an older home.  New homes are designed for air conditioning; they fail to have good overhangs on the

Don’t Throw That Away, Repurpose Instead!

As the saying goes, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Much of what ends up in landfills today are things that you can easily repurpose. The basic idea is to take an item that might no longer serve its original purpose and use it in a different way to accomplish a goal. Repurpose things

How to Conserve Heat and Stay Warm

As we are experiencing a cold season that seems to produce massive Arctic blasts that cover most of the country in frigid temperatures, it’s a good time to look at some simple ways to stay warm.  For those who live in the north, cold winters are nothing new, and adapting is almost second nature.  However,

Scavenging for goods – Are You A Scavenger?

Many people spend a lot of money and go to a great deal of trouble preparing for emergencies from local disasters all the way to The End Of The World As We Know It. Stockpiling arms, ammunition, medical supplies, alternative energy and assorted supplies are all good ideas if done for the right reasons, in

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