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Our solution for an uncertain future!

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It is time to open the eyes and face the facts!

Our great country is changing and unfortunately, it is changing for the worse. We are living in a constant crisis and we can no longer wait and see how our future is being manipulated by the government and greedy corporations.

It is time to do something for us, for the people that love this country.

I’ve put up this site to provide valuable resources for all the people that are struggling in these harsh times. For all the preppers, survivalists and off-gridders that want to stay informed and become self-sufficient. My goal is to help people become independent once more and prepare for the crisis that is coming.

In today’s world, only the ones who manage to become self-sufficient will survive. There is no help coming and the government doesn’t care about you. Only you can help yourself to survive and thrive. I hope that you will find this website useful and that it will provide you with the strength needed to break the chains of today’s consumerism society.

God Bless America!

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